Transformational coaching

Transformational coaching

If you envision a future that is different from where you are then you will need a transformation to get there.

As Abert Einstein said, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Unfortunately, it's incredibly hard to notice when we are stuck in a pattern that is not working. Discovering blindspots requires an outside perspective. That's where coaches (along with strong support networks communities) are so important.


You need other people to help you detect your blind spots, fill them in, and guide you on your true path.

Women in a community sharing transformational thoughts and ideas

How do you transform? You can do so at the mental level as you change your mindset. You can do so at the physical level as you change your appearance and behavior. In addition, your personal transformation depends on your environment, which includes the physical place in which you live but also the social environment which you inhabit. In order to transform yourself, you will need to build a new community around your new self, and become comfortable with new thoughts and behaviors.

As your personal coach and guide in your journey of transformation, I will be one of the key new connections you create. And I will help you strategically connect with other mentors, communities, and others on the same journey as you.

engaging in a transformational mindset

All this will be accompanied by realignment of your thought patterns and increased self-awareness as we monitor and react to the you that will change on the path toward success.