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Senior Web Developer
Co-Founder, Kriya Collective

“I have fantasized about starting my own business for years now, but have always felt daunted and overwhelmed by the knowledge and commitment it requires. Eathan was recommended to me as a means to kickstart this dream into reality, and it only took a few coaching calls to recognize the value he provides.

Eathan is a wonderful business coach; he's well-read, knowledgeable, and prone towards lateral thinking and bold decision-making. Within two weeks of working with him, I saw a marked shift in my productivity. I noticed myself setting new habits, defining my days/weeks with intention, and reflecting regularly on what was and wasn't working. It truly felt like a transformation; I went from being a dreamer to becoming a high achiever.

Working with Eathan has allowed me to pursue new and existing professional relationships with vigor and resolve. My network has blossomed and developed itself into meaningful connections and new openings for action. I have fostered new leadership and risk-taking skills, both at my full-time job and within my aspiring business goals. Most importantly, I finally see a clear path in transitioning from employee to employer, all thanks to our weekly coaching calls!

If it weren't for Eathan's accountability, patience, vision, and expertise, I'd still be talking about starting a business. Now it's well within my reach! I highly recommend Eathan to anyone looking to take on their professional (and personal) lives. I have experienced tangible returns and skyrocketing productivity in a mere four months of working with him, and can confidently say that those types of results await you as well!”

Environmental Graphic Designer
RSP Architects

"When I started working with Eathan I had been looking for the right job for 5 years, feeling inadequate, rejected and unenthusiastic using the traditional method of searching job boards and submitting resumes. I have been working with Eathan for several weeks and have already seen massive shifts in my life! Early on he challenged me to cold-call businesses across the country that I could be passionate about but hadn't even posted jobs, in the interest of landing a job in my emerging career. Just a week later I accepted the perfect job and started nearly immediately. All from the power of risk-taking, which Eathan empowered me to take action toward! Eathan is a gifted coach and he has a dynamic, real-world understanding of success, human emotions and abilities beyond our typical functioning!"


Owner and Principal Consultant
Tidal Wave Solutions

"I had hit a wall. For days on end, I have been calling businesses in search of a juicy business problem I could solve to create value for them and earn money for me and my family, so I could continue on my entrepreneurial journey. All I got was rejection after rejection. I felt disheartened and started to question whether I was cut out for this, whether I had anything valuable to offer.

I reached out to Eathan to learn about his perspective which allowed him to see opportunities where I saw nothing but obstacles. I was expecting a story and hoped to model what he did from a description of how he went about his business.  What Eathan offered me was immeasurably more valuable. He focused on understanding my needs and the deep underlying causes of my frustrations. He set out to help me see solutions for myself. Eathan asked probing insightful questions, shared stories that were engaging, persuasive, and very much to the point, and made me feel more resourceful and empowered than I had felt for weeks.

Eathan's empathy, natural - and good-natured - curiosity, and analytical abilities honed by rigorous scientific training and by running a business translate into a remarkably compelling combination of skills for a business coach. I loved our conversation and am grateful to Eathan for his help in breaking through mental limitations that had held me back"


Facebook Messenger & Chatbot Marketing Expert

Founder & CEO, Clever Chatbot

"I was looking for a coach and talked to a lot of good ones! But what stood out to me about Eathan was that even though he didn't have as much experience as others or qualifications (I talked to a former Tony Robbins coach that was referred to me who had been coaching for 10 years), he really, really cared and went so above and beyond to prove that. It was a feeling I had after our first call. I was so blown away with his value and his meticulous process with coaching, so I decided to trust my gut and go with him. Eathan's stayed consistent with what I saw that first call, it wasn't just a "show" to close the deal..he's been solid all the way through. I needed a coach to help me navigate parts of my business and help me see some blind spots, Eathan's definitely helped me do that...he's been super awesome and so good to work with. I'm definitely more organized and am delegating more work than I used to before, so I've freed up some time and it makes it easier handling higher-level clients :) We're on our 3rd month and things are good. If you need an amazing level of coaching, I'm sharing this to save you from having to look for a coach like I did. Go with Eathan!" 


Co-Founder, Kriya Collective

Outdoor/Adventure Photographer

"Working with Eathan has taken my lifelong fear of starting a business and broken it down into simple, actionable steps and accountability; all in a way that is manageable and approachable.

Before working with Eathan, I often found myself sitting at my day job, feeling unfulfilled, and stuck with the situation. I would often find myself daydreaming about doing what I always dreamed of doing; combining adventure and photography into a sustainable business. I would take action towards that dream, but I never got the results that I wanted: consistent and sustainable work.

Since working with Eathan, I’ve developed the confidence to take meaningful actions towards my goals - and actually getting results. Within a month of us beginning working together, I had a verbal yes from a client to work together on an ongoing basis. Within 2 months I did work for CLIF Bar - a company I’ve had a connection with, but never managed to work with. After 3 months I had another confirmation from a client who turned into a paying client, working for him on a retainer. This work is in the adventure and coaching industries, and there’s an opportunity to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro as part of the work - fulfilling the dream I have of going on adventures as part of my job. None of this would be possible without Eathan’s coaching and guidance.

Since starting to work with Eathan, I’ve developed a new confidence in my personal life, relationships, fitness regiment, and professional career. I’ve pushed for becoming the leader of my department at work and I’ve taken on more responsibilities managing other team members. My personal and romantic relationships have flourished and I’ve taken new steps in my health and fitness goals. For the first time in my life, I have a morning routine. This has allowed me to largely eliminate the morning chaos of getting ready for work and I’ve found new pockets of time when I can work on freelance/dreamwork before going to my full-time job.

Really everything has been impacted in some way because I’m no longer afraid of making mistakes - every “failure” is an opportunity to grow, refine, and improve going forward. I’ve found Eathan to be incredibly well-read and knowledgeable. I often find myself thought-dumping on him in an overwhelmed, unfiltered fashion. He responds calmly and collected providing a new tool or technique for me to try. I would absolutely recommend him as a coach for anyone looking to up their game and produce tangible results in their life."