Eathan Janney with his son

Hi, I'm Eathan Janney



I was a mentor and guide long before I started coaching. I've mentored friends and employees. I've taught at the university level. But one day not too long ago I officially became a coach. From one client I got referrals to others and others. Based on solid client results a significant coaching practice had materialized organically. It's this type of organic growth that makes this feel natural to me.



I find coaching very rewarding and I’m happy that my clients are seeing success.

When I look back on my adult life I realize I’ve been coaching for many years, whether it was as a Piano Teacher to young children when I was in Music school, A mentor helping other piano tuners learn to make a career that can support their family, or as a University lecturer to undergraduate students while I earned my Ph.D. in Neuroscience.

I’ve been through many transitions in my life and I’ve guided many others through their own transitions.


I feel comfortable navigating many types of transition. That having been said, I’m not the type of coach who’s looking for a quantity over quality in my coaching clientele.



I work well with people who are committed to their goals and interested in learning, growing, and changing. I work well with creative people who naturally don’t fit into the typical molds our society creates.


I offer two free sessions for every new client. I want to get to know you as much as you want to get to know me before we make a commitment to coaching.


If my story and the stories of my clients resonate with you then book your first free session. We’ll see if its a good fit and if so, I’ll join you on your journey.


I promise that if we decide that you should become a client I’ll be just as excited about working with you as you will be to work with me.

Do you want personalized guidance from me?